Fight for life, homeless, trickster Vet Volunteers Series, Books 1 - 3

Published 2010
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Fight for Life: Maggie MacKenzie is great with dogs, but her homework is out of control. Dr. Mac, her veterinarian grandmother, puts her on a short leash until her grades improve. Four new volunteers show up to help Gran in the clinic, but none of them knows a boxer from a pug. When the clinic is flooded with sick and dying puppies, Maggie has to find a way to help, no matter what Gran says. Maggie is sure it can't be a coincidence -- somebody must be running a puppy mill. If she doesn't find it soon, more puppies will die! Homeless: Cats love Sunita Patel, and she loves them back. Since her mother won't let her have a kitty of her own, finding a feral cat colony is a dream come true. But Animal Control is going to destroy all of the cats unless Sunita does something drastic. If she can tame one of the wild cats, maybe she can save them all. Then disaster strikes and Sunita is rushed to the hospital! What will happen to the cats now? Trickster: David Hutchinson is a funny,...

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Narrator: Emma Woodbine.
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