The unteachables

Published 2019
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"In the multiple-narrator format that Gordon perfected in Ungifted and Supergifted, this book tells the story the story of Greenwich Middle School's class SCS-8, a.k.a The Self-Contained Special Eighth Grade Class, a.ka. The Unteachables. We hear from Parker the dyslexic farm boy, Aldo the perpetually angry, Elaine (rhymes with pain), Barnstorm the jock, Rahim the sleep-deprived artist, and Mateo, lost in fantasy worlds. Plus Kiana, who is just in town visiting her dad and isn't even registered with the school. Not to mention their teacher, Mr. Ribbit--er, Mr. Kermit--who remains in disgrace after a 25-year-old cheating scandal and is just killing time, doing crossword puzzles and waiting to take early retirement at the end of the year. At first it seems like this odd group of loners and losers isn't going to accomplish anything other than getting into fights and maybe tormenting a substitute teacher or two. But over the course of the semester they become friends and even learn to appreciate their teacher. So when they find out that the Superintendent is still holding a grudge after 25 years and intends to fire Mr. Kermit before he can get his pension, they take action. With the help of Jake Terranova, the actual perpetrator of said long-ago cheating scandal, and super-optimistic former kindergarten teacher Miss Fountain, they set out to improve their test scores, win the science fair, and maybe just learn a thing or two. Not to mention earn enough Goodbunnies Puffy-tails to reach the coveted Basket of Carrots and be declared a Helpful Hare. (Don't ask.)."-- Provided by publisher.

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