Where the rivers meet

Published 1988
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Nancy Antoine is a Shuswap Indian high school senior determined to escape the bleakness and chaos of the small BC town she lives in, and she sees the school as her way out, no matter what she has to endure. But Nancy's resolve falters as tragedy adds to her confusion and anger. In desperation, she turns to the tradition of her people, and with the love and patience of an elder, she begins to prepare for the spirit quest - her people's ancient ritual of self-discovery. But will she be able to endure the rigors of this test? And if she does, can she find the strength and wisdom to fight the forces devastating her people? This award-winning novel combines compelling glimpses into the plight of contemporary Native young people with the adventure of self-exploration in a story of hope and discovery.

147 pages ; 23 cm
cn 89098015
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