Dinomighty! Volume 2, The heist age

Graphic Novel
Published 2021
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Dinotown is under attack! In this adventure, the Dinomighties face new icy villains led by Bully Mammoth. This colossal meanie will stop at nothing to get his grubby tusks on the world's most valuable painting: the Dino Lisa ... even if it means putting a deep freeze on Dinotown. How will the Dinomighties heat things up in order to outsmart and ice out Bully and his big bad crew of furry doofs and manage tosave their hometown along with the most precious piece of art in the whole wide world?

207 pages : chiefly colour illustrations ; 23 cm
Other Title:
Dinomighty! 2, The heist age
Dinomighty! Book 2, The heist age
Dinomighty! The heist age
Heist age
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