Vivos bajo tierra

Published 2011
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"The story of the thirty-three trapped miners in the San Jose mine in the middle of the Chilean desert is an epic in the classic sense, filled with real heroes, blessings from God, and the curse of miserable conditions and ruthless exploitation brought on by malevolent, unscrupulous corporations. They spent 69 days and nights trapped deep underground in a mine in Atacama, Chile, one of the most arid and desolate deserts in the world. For the first few weeks each miner subsisted on nothing more than two teaspoons of canned tuna every 48 hours. Still, they somehow managed to cling to life and keep their hope for rescue alive. Once back on the surface, after a rescue operation that promised to be the first of its kind, these thirty-three miners now reveal their most intimate secrets about a harrowing odyssey that brought them so close to death they could taste it--a story that is beyond belief, if it were not true."

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