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Running on empty —Aker, Don, 1955-

All Ethan Palmer wants is wheels of his own, and he's finally saved enough money to buy his dream car ... when he accidentally rams his dad's Volvo into their garage. Ethan thinks he has found a way to make some easy mon...

The first stone —Aker, Don, 1955-

Seventeen-year-old Chad lives in a series of foster homes following the death of his alcoholic grandfather and supportive grandmother who have raised him. Through a series of bad decisions, he causes a young woman, Leez...

One on one —Aker, Don, 1955-

All eleven-year-old Jared St. George can think about is making his school basketball team and he refuses to think about math and the fact that he is failing it. When he receives peer tutoring from Ellie Brejovic, the wei...

The space between —Aker, Don, 1955-

Eighteen-year-old Jace travels to Mexico with his family to celebrate his birthday, while still dealing with the death of his older brother.

Stranger at bay —Aker, Don, 1955-

To Randy it seems impossible that short weeks ago he was happy, involved and going places. Now, with a less-than-brillian new stepmother, a move to the East Coast, and a few crucial mistakes to his credit, he's trapped i...

The fifth rule —Aker, Don, 1955-, author.
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Reef is back in Halifax, which brings back memories of Leeza and the terrible way their relationship ended - with a restraining order. Leeza is feeling stifled by her mother's "concern" and wishes she was studying out of...