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My five senses —Aliki.

A simple presentation of the five senses, demonstrating some ways we use them.

Manners —Aliki.

Discusses manners and gives examples of good manners and bad manners.

Quiet in the garden —Aliki.

Sitting quietly in his garden, a little boy observes the eating habits of birds, bugs, butterflies, and other small animals. Includes instructions on how to make your own garden and a detailed illustration of plants typi...

Digging up dinosaurs —Aliki.

Briefly introduces various types of dinosaurs whose skeletons and reconstructions are seen in museums and explains how scientists uncover, preserve, and study fossilized dinosaur bones.

We are best friends —Aliki, author, illustrator.

When Robert's best friend Peter moves away, both are unhappy, but they learn that they can make new friends and still remain best friends.

William Shakespeare & the Globe —Aliki.

Tells the story of the well-known playwright, William Shakespeare, and of the famous Globe Theatre in which many of his works were performed.

Milk from cow to carton —Aliki.

Briefly describes how a cow produces milk, how the milk is processed in a dairy, and how various other dairy products are made from milk.

The listening walk —Showers, Paul.

A little girl and her father take a quiet walk and identify the sounds around them.

Push button —Aliki.

A little boy who loves pushing buttons of all kinds ends up with such a sore finger that he must play with other things.

Mummies made in Egypt —Aliki.

Describes the techniques and the reasons for the use of mummification in ancient Egypt.

Feelings —Aliki.

Pictures, dialogs, poems, and stories portray various emotions we all feel: jealousy, sadness, fear, anger, joy, love, and others.

My feet —Aliki.

Brief text and illustrations describe the various parts of the foot and all the things feet help us to do.

All by myself! —Aliki.

A child shows all the things he has learned to do all on his own.

The gods and goddesses of Olympus —Aliki.

Relates the stories of the Greek gods and goddesses.

How a book is made —Aliki.

Describes the stages in making a book, starting with the writing of the manuscript and the drawing of the pictures, and explaining all the technical processes leading to printed and bound copies.

My visit to the zoo —Aliki.

A day at the zoo introduces the different animals that exist in the world, where they come from, what their natural habitats are like, and whether or not they are endangered.

A medieval feast —Aliki.

Describes the preparation and celebration of a medieval feast held at an English manor house entertaining royal guests.

My visit to the aquarium —Aliki.

During his visit to an aquarium, a boy finds out about the characteristics and environments of many different marine and freshwater creatures.

Fossils tell of long ago —Aliki.

Explains how fossils are formed and what they tell us about the past.

Ah, music! —Aliki.

Surveys the history and components of music, concentrating on Western musical traditions.

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