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Ted's week : a lesson on bullying —Barchers, Suzanne I.

When Ted is bullied by two blue jays, he and his friend Sox work together to teach them a lesson.

The big box a lesson on being honest —Barchers, Suzanne I.

When Tab and Sox find someone else's treasure, the friends have trouble deciding if they should keep it or try to find the owner.

You can do it! —Barchers, Suzanne I.

"A bug can buzz and zap. A dog can yip and yap. But the King Street kids can do even more. Join them!"--P. [4] of cover.

A new friend : a lesson on friendship —Barchers, Suzanne I.

When things start to disappear, the five friends work together to solve the mystery.

Ted's surprise : a lesson on working together —Barchers, Suzanne I.

When Ted's birthday is forgotten, the friends work together to save the day

Dad wants a nap —Barchers, Suzanne I.

"Dad like to nap. San wants to gab, rap, and more. Dad gets mad. But then he sees that San can help him nap!"--P. [4] of cover.

Bun's new hats : a lesson on self esteem —Barchers, Suzanne I.

When Bun hears her friends making fun of the silly hats she loves, the friends realize they hurt Bun's feelings and work together to find a way make it up to her.

The big race : a lesson on perseverance —Barchers, Suzanne I.

When Sox and Tab both enter a race, Tab asks Sox if he can train with him.

Kip gets sick —Barchers, Suzanne I.

Kip's friends want to help him feel better.

Fix it! —Barchers, Suzanne I.

Ross can fix things.

Revolution in space —Barchers, Suzanne I.

"Discusses the history of space exploration, how the technology was developed, and the science behind it"--Provided by publisher.

Pip's picnic : a lesson on responsibility —Barchers, Suzanne I.

Pip has a problem. Tab promised to make lunch for the big picnic. But when Pip arrives, nothing is ready. How do Pip and Tab work together to make the picnic a success?

Raven brings back the sun : a tale from Canada —Barchers, Suzanne I., author.

In the far north of Canada, daylight disappears for much of the year. This Inuit legend describes how the First Peoples of Canada explained the sun's return to their remote lands.

The wounded lion : a tale from Spain —Barchers, Suzanne I.

Day after day, a poor young girl discovers a lion who needs her help. In time, her care for the wounded lion and dreams of a better life intersect in a most unusual way. This Spanish folktale is about perseverance and co...

Main Street Game Day —Barchers, Suzanne I.

Kids go to the park on the first day of May to join in the games at Main Street Game Day.

Main Street block party —Barchers, Suzanne I.

Kids join in the fun activities at the block party on Main Street.

How big Is Kip? —Barchers, Suzanne I.

"Kip may not be as big as a rig. He may not be as little as a pig. But he finds out just how big he is"--P. [4] of cover.

The lute player : a tale from Russia —Barchers, Suzanne I.

The king, who loves adventures, is imprisoned during one of his long journeys. When the queen sets out to find her husband, she must travel in disguise. This is a tale of love, devotion, and ingenuity from the days of me...

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