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Heart rate training : customize you training based on individual data and goals —Benson, Roy, author.

"Heart Rate Training, helps the endurance athlete to understand how best to use the overwhelming amount of data that can be captured by heart rate monitoring equipment. The authors offer both general and sport-specific g...

Back to Hannibal the return of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn

"When an old friend is wrongly accused of murder, Tom and Huck come back home to Hannibal--the land of steamboats, fishing holes and white picket fences--to rescue him. With the help of a curious freckle-faced kid and a ...


A Latino boxer must navigate the path between his newfound fame, with all its seductive trappings, and his humble yet proud roots growing up on the hard, mean streets of Jackson Heights, Queens. Surrounded by his childho...