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Happy Easter, Tooth Fairy! —Bently, Peter, 1960- author.

The Tooth Fairy helps the Easter Bunny hide eggs inside wellington boots, under logs and inside a wheelbarrow. All is set for the Easter egg hunt until one of the children loses her wobbly tooth! Will the Tooth Fairy com...

The great sheep shenanigans —Bently, Peter, 1960-

A confident wolf named Lou Pine is in for a surprise when he disguises himself and tries to outwit the "dumb" sheep.

Fergus the fire engine —Bently, Peter, 1960- author.

Fergus is ready to learn how to be a fire engine, but is he ready to face a real emergency on his first day?

The shark in the dark —Bently, Peter, children's author.

Some fish come up with a plan to prevent themselves from becoming shark food.

King Jack and the dragon —Bently, Peter, 1960-

Jack, Zack, and Caspar build a castle fort, then spend a day fighting dragons and beasts, but at day's end giants carry away first Sir Zack, then Caspar, and King Jack is left to face night creatures alone.

Polly Parrot picks a pirate —Bently, Peter, 1960- author.

Polly the parrot is fed up of her tree. It's a life on the ocean she needs! For this she'll need a pet pirate, but finding the perfect one isn't easy. This picky parrot might just end up with more than she expected.

The hundred and one dalmatians —Bently, Peter, 1960-

When Missis and Pongo's darling Dalmatian puppies are stolen, they know just who to suspect ...the evil Cruella de Vil! She's enough to scare the spots off a pup and she would love nothing more than to turn them into a s...

The hundred and one dalmatians —Smith, Dodie, 1896-1990, author.

Dalmatian parents Pongo and Missis must rescue their puppies from the evil Cruella De Vil -- adapted from dust jacket.

First place Freddie —Bently, Peter.

Freddie the flounder feels less talented than the other fish, but when a shark comes after his friends at the fair Freddie discovers his true worth.

Look out, Cub! : a lift-the-flap story about lions —Bently, Peter, 1960-

"Little Cub has a great plan to go exploring on his own. Climbing up the tree is easy, but what about getting back down? Does this young lion need a helping hand? Read the story and lift the flaps to find out!--From the ...

Underpants thunderpants! —Bently, Peter.

A colorful, rhyming story about flying underpants that end up in some very unusual places, when blown off the clothesline by a storm.

The prince and the porker —Bently, Peter, 1960- author.

After eating ten buns cooling on a tray at the palace, Pignatius causes more mischief when he pretends to be the prince.

A recipe for bedtime —Bently, Peter, 1960-

A sweeter-than-pie 'bedtime recipe' helps walk baby through his bedtime routine.

Ella's bath —Bently, Peter, 1960-

When Stork steals a branch from Ella the elephant, her mother helps her try to get it back.

Those magnificent sheep in their flying machine —Bently, Peter, 1960- author.

The sheep on the hillside were munching away, much as they always did, day after day, when suddenly something went ZOOM! overhead. 'Let's go and see what it is!' they all said. And so begins a ripping, round-the-world ad...

The cat, the mouse and the runaway train —Bently, Peter, 1960-

For train lovers everywhere, comes a fabulously energetic adventure with the cat and the mouse.

Tess the tractor —Bently, Peter, 1960- author.

Tess thinks she can do anything! But when she takes a shortcut across a muddy field, will she remember to drive slowly and steadily?

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