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5 Results
Acting wild : how we behave like birds, bugs, and beasts —Birmingham, Maria, author.
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"For a long time, scientists have tried to figure out what separates us from animals. For example, one early hypothesis was our use of tools-until Jane Goodall famously recorded observations of chimpanzees making and usi...

Snooze-o-rama : the strange ways that animals sleep —Birmingham, Maria, author.
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"Just like people, animals have their own sleep routines--but in the wild, these bedtime habits are a little wackier than the teeth brushing and pj-donning that you're used to. Maria Birmingham's latest book project, Sno...

Biometrics : your body and the science of security —Birmingham, Maria, author.
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"An informative, engaging introduction to biometrics. This book explores nine biometrics in detail, explaining how each works, where it's used, its pros and cons, and how it compares to other techniques. It also discusse...