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Literary Form
14 Results
Red pepper, yellow squash : a book of colors —Bondor, Rebecca.

"Delicious, nutritious veggies in a rainbow of hues help toddlers learn about colors--and healthy eathing."--Back cover.

Counting 1 to 20 —Bondor, Rebecca.

"Beautiful photos of adorable animals make it fun to learn to count from 1 to 20!"--Back cover.

Can you say please? —Bondor, Rebecca.

Teaches youngsters how to interact properly with others. Includes tips for further learning on the topic.

It is time for...

"This book introduces preschoolers to the first steps in learning to tell time--identiftying what happens at different times of day"--Back cover.

Shapes that go

"This book helps toddlers see the shapes all around them, from circle-shaped tractor wheels to the triangle found on a bicycle frame."--Back cover.

Baby animals at the zoo

Simple text and photographs introduce toddlers to the names of adult and baby zoo animals. Includes tips for playing a related game.

The seasons —Bondor, Rebecca.

Iconic scenes from winter, spring, summer, and fall paired with simple, rhythmic text help toddlers learn about the four seasons. These board books are bursting with the enthusiasm of a toddler exploring the world for th...

Big and little : things that go

Photographs of a variety of vehicles help toddlers learn the concepts "big" and "little". Includes tips for sharing this book with young children.

What is the weather today? —Bondor, Rebecca.

"Colorful photos and simple text make it easy for your toddler to learn about the weather"--Back cover.

Who is in your family? —Bondor, Rebecca.

Describes how families may include many different members, including siblings, grandparents, aunts and uncles, and cousins.

Ears, eyes, nose

Simple text and photographs of young children help toddlers learn the names of body parts. Includes tips for sharing this book with young children.

I am bigger than... —Bondor, Rebecca.

A child compares his size to everyday items.

Thumbelina —Bondor, Rebecca.

After being kidnapped by a toad, a beautiful girl no bigger than a thumb has a series of dreadful experiences and makes many animal friends before meeting a fairy prince just her size.