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The everything parent's guide to the strong-willed child : a positive approach to increase self-control, improve communication, and reduce conflict —Bowers, Ellen.

Put a stop to the endless cycle of battles with your child, and rebuild a relationship based on love and respect rather than conflict. This guide has everything you need to raise capable, happy, and agreeable kids!

The everything parent's guide to positive discipline : a constructive approach to raising a kind, cooperative, and respectful child —Bowers, Ellen.

When misbehaviors begin, they can quickly escalate into an uphill battle of yelling, years, and resistance on both sides. This guide provides a realistic resource for parents struggling to find a positive balance with th...

The only baby book you'll ever need : a parent's guide to everything! : advice on: diaper rash, late-night feedings, swaddling, teething, vaccinations, potty training, picky eaters, tantrums and more! —Borden, Marian Edelman.

"Expert advice for caring for babies and toddlers. From learning how to change a dirty diaper to pleasing a picky eater, it can sometimes be difficult to navigate parenthood--especially if you're new to it all. Featuring...

Ballet beautiful transform your body and gain the strength, grace, and focus of a ballet dancer —Bowers, Mary Ellen.

Artistic. athletic. attainable: these three words represent the promise of Ballet Beautiful, a transformative approach to reshaping your body so that it becomes slender, long, and lean--with the strength and grace of a b...