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All the seasons of the year —Rose, Deborah Lee.

Describes in rhymed text how a mother cat's love for her kitten will last through the seasons of a lifetime.

The bunnies' trip —Evans, Lezlie.

Eight members of a bunny family find packing for their vacation to be much more complicated than they anticipated, and once on the road the long journey tires the little ones and makes them irritable, but happiness await...

Time for bed, Baby Ted —Sartell, Debra.

At bedtime, Baby Ted finds many ways to avoid going to bed.

It's time to sleep, it's time to dream —Adler, David A.

A parent lulls a child to sleep with visions of soft spring breezes, lazy summer days, cool autumn winds, and moon-lit winter nights.

The bunnies' picnic —Evans, Lezlie.

When eight bunnies set out to make some stew, an accident forces a change of plans.

Pig and Crow —Chorao, Kay.

Crow tricks Pig by trading him supposedly magic items for food, but in the process Pig discovers the value of hard work, patience, and an appreciation for beauty and joy.

Chester Chipmunk's Thanksgiving —Williams, Barbara.

Chester Chipmunk can't seem to find anybody to share his Thanksgiving dinner.

Knock at the door and other baby action rhymes —Chorao, Kay.

Includes such rhymes as "Five Little Sparrows," "Pat-a-Cake," "Giddyap Horsey," and "Bunnies' Bedtime" with illustrations showing the actions that should be used with each one.

Ed and Kip —Chorao, Kay.

Elephants Ed and Kip play with a rolling rock.

Bad boy, good boy —Chorao, Kay.

Although his behavior sometimes seems naughty, Sam the dog is a very good boy who helps his family and friends.

Whose house? —Seuling, Barbara.

A boy imagines himself living in various animals' homes, then decides his own warm house and cozy bed are just right for him.

My mama says there aren't any zombies, ghosts, vampires, creatures, demons, monsters, fiends, goblins, or things —Viorst, Judith.

If his mother has made other important mistakes, can Nick trust her word that there are no goblins and such lurking around in the night?

Rickety witch —Davis, Maggie Steincrohn, 1942-

A rickety old witch who has been intimidated for years by two young witches inadvertently gives them their comeuppance one Halloween.

Little farm by the sea —Chorao, Kay.

Depicts the activities on a small family farm during the four seasons of the year.

Carousel round and round —Chorao, Kay.

In this rhyming story, the carousel animals don't want to stop when night comes.

Here comes Kate —Chorao, Kay.

In four stories, Kate, a young elephant, plays in the snow, learns to appreciate her new quilt, fusses over a lost toy, and quiets the crying of her baby cousin.

I could eat you up! —Harper, Jo.
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Animal parents describe how much they love their children by comparing them to food.

I'm terrific —Sharmat, Marjorie Weinman.

Jason Bear thinks he's terrific and even awards himself gold stars for superior performance in his chores. His friends don't like to be around him.

Tyler Toad and the thunder —Crowe, Robert L.

None of the animals' explanations for the origin of thunder seems reassuring to the frightened T. Tyler Toad as he hides in a hole waiting for the storm to pass.

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