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Broken man on a Halifax pier —Choyce, Lesley, 1951- author.

"A tale of one man's shipwrecked life and an unlikely crew of rescuers. Having lost his long-time journalism job and been swindled out of his life savings, fifty-five-year-old Charles Howard is standing by the edge of Ha...

Sid the Kid and the dryer : a story about Sidney Crosby —Choyce, Lesley, 1951- author.

"Milton the washing machine and W P (Whirlpool) the dryer are being delivered to a new home in Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia. The pair are excited to start their new jobs in the Crosby home, and are just getting settled in t...

Off the grid —Choyce, Lesley, 1951- author.

Sixteen-year-old Cody was born and raised "off the grid" deep in the wilderness by idealistic parents. When his father becomes seriously ill, the family is forced to move into the city so he can get treatment. Attending ...

The thing you're good at —Choyce, Lesley, 1951- author.

"In this high-interest novel for teen readers, Jake tries to help his friend Maria after her parents are deported."-- Provided by publisher.

Skunks for breakfast —Choyce, Lesley, 1951-

Pamela and her family wake up one morning to a terrible smell. They soon discover that skunks have made their home under the house.

Refuge cove —Choyce, Lesley, 1951-

When Greg discovers a family of refugees in a lifeboat off the rugged coast of Newfoundland, he risks everything to help them.

Wave warrior —Choyce, Lesley, 1951-

Ben wants to learn to surf but he is terrified. When he meets an aging surfer, Ben learns the way of the wave warrior.

Sea of tranquility : : a novel —Choyce, Lesley, 1951-

For Sylvie, Ragged Island is the only world she has ever known. It is also home to the whales, and to a community whose love for the island is immense. But when the Nova Scotia government decides to shut down the ferry s...

Gone bad —Choyce, Lesley, 1951-

"Cody and his friends call it street cleaning -- four of them beating up on one guy they don't like the looks of. Cody partakes in the action, even though he'd rather be taking out his aggression on his drum kit. A drumm...

Running the risk —Choyce, Lesley, 1951-

After being the victim of an armed robbery, Sean goes in search of more danger.

Skate freak —Choyce, Lesley, 1951-

Quinn Dorfman has just moved to a new city and is struggling at school, watching his family deteriorate, and having trouble enjoying his passion--skateboarding.

Dumb luck —Choyce, Lesley, 1951-

Brandon DeWolfe, an 18-year-old lonely misfit just barely getting through school, does what almost everyone else just dreams of: he wins the lottery. Plunged into a world that is completely new to him, and without any re...

The rules have changed —Choyce, Lesley, 1951- author.

"In this high-interest accessible novel for teen readers, 16-year-old Blake Pendleton is surprised to learn, after three years abroad, that things are very different at his school now"-- Provided by publisher.

Rat —Choyce, Lesley, 1951-

Tired of bullies at school, Colin decides to take a stand. Branded a rat, he finds that standing up for what you believe in can be empowering.

The ledge —Choyce, Lesley, 1951- author.

"In this high-interest novel for teen readers, 16-year-old Nick tries to adjust to his new reality after a surfing accident leaves him paralyzed"-- Provided by publisher.

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