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The traffic tie-up —Barton, Chris, author.

When Stella the traffic helipcopter can't heard, Mighty Truck can turn up the volume and save the day!

Can I be your dog? —Cummings, Troy, author.

A dog looking for a home sends letters to prospective owners on Butternut Street, with surprising results.

Brute-cake —Cummings, Troy, author.

It has been several months since monsters last plagued the town of Stermont, and frankly Alexander Bopp (leader of the Super Secret Monster Patrol) is bored, and misses his friends Rip (immersed in video games) and Nikki...

Boa constructor —Cummings, Troy, author.

Something is stealing machine parts from all over Stermont, including a wrecking ball from a local construction site, and Alexander and his fellow monster hunters, Rip, and Nikki, fear that it is building a Stermont-smas...

Hydrant-hydra —Cummings, Troy, author, illustrator.

It has been a busy summer of makerspace projects at the library and monster hunting for the three members of the Super Secret Monster Patrol, and the puddles that are appearing all over town are a clue to the identity of...

Speedah-cheetah —Cummings, Troy, author, illustrator.

It is time for the Stermont Derby, a race around downtown Stermont in homemade vehicles, and Alexander, Nikki, and Rip are planning to compete, but so is a new monster, a Speedah-cheetah-- and in addition to a diet of ro...

Muddymania! —Barton, Chris, author.

While Clarence and his best friend, Bruno, are at a monster truck rally, disaster looms and Clarence must find a way to transform into Mighty Truck without revealing his secret identity.

Battle of the boss-monster —Cummings, Troy, author, illustrator.

In the year since Alexander and his father moved to Stermont, he and his friends in the Super Secret Monster Patrol of Stermont Elementary have defeated all kinds of monsters, but now they face their greatest challenge, ...

Flurry of the snombies —Cummings, Troy, author.

It is a very hot summer in Stermont, and Alexander and his friends are at Camp Gloamy in the mountains, but even here there are monsters--specifically zombie snowmen called snombies who want to freeze the young monster-h...

Caring for your lion —Sauer, Tammi, author.

"What happens when a little boy expects an itty-bitty kitty ... but a lion gets delivered to his doorstep instead?"-- Provided by publisher.

March of the Vanderpants —Cummings, Troy, author.

The Notebook of Doom is missing and Alexander and his fellow-monster hunters, Rip and Nikki, are convinced that the boss-monster has it; but is that monster the mysterious Principal Vanderpants, who is certainly behaving...

Sneeze of the octo-schnozz —Cummings, Troy, author.

Since the Notebook of Doom was stolen Alexander and the other monster hunters of Stermont Elementary have been operating without its assistance and now they are confronted by a large and stinky monster with eight powerfu...

Mighty Truck —Barton, Chris, author.

When a muddy truck reluctantly gets a truck wash, he transforms into a superhero.

Little Red Gliding Hood —Lazar, Tara, author.

Little Red is an excellent ice skater, but she will need a good partner for the skating pairs competition and the only one available is a certain Wolf, who needs new skates as badly as Little Red does.

I found a kitty! —Cummings, Troy, author, illustrator.

When Arfy finds a homeless kitten, he writes letters to prospective owners, hoping to find the perfect home for his new friend.

Monster notebook —Cummings, Troy, author, illustrator.

Alexander Bopp's Monster Notebook features information about monsters from The Notebook of Doom series.

Not now, Cow —Sauer, Tammi, author.

"All the farm animals are ready for the seasons to change--but not Cow!"--Back cover.

March of the vanderpants —Cummings, Troy, author, illustrator.

Alexander's search for the notebook currently kidnapped by the boss-monster takes a strange twist when he sees his principal acting strangely and he wonders if she could be the monster they're looking for.

Snap of the super-goop —Cummings, Troy, author, illustrator.

Rip and Nikki think Alexander is going crazy when he keeps seeing monsters they've already defeated, but he has to convince his friends there might be a new monster if he wants to protect the town and notebook.

Vroom vroom : garbage truck —Citro, Asia, author.

A garbage truck goes through its daily routine of picking up garbage throughout the city and bringing it to the dump, in a book that explores the sounds a garbage truck makes.

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