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Go to bed, Goat —Dahl, Michael.

"It's time for bed, but Goat isn't tired. Thankfully, he can get his sillies out during his bedtime routine, leaving him ready for bed in the end"-- Provided by publisher.

Haircut for Lion —Dahl, Michael.

"Little Lion needs a haircut! Follow along as he and his dad go to the barber shop"-- Provided by publisher.

Little Elephant listens —Dahl, Michael, author.

Little Elephant uses his big ears to listen to his parents.

On the launch pad : a counting book about rockets —Dahl, Michael.

A countdown from twelve to one as a space shuttle awaits liftoff.

One big building : a counting book about construction —Dahl, Michael.

A counting book that follows the construction of a building, from one plan to twelve stories. Includes related facts and counting activities.

Little Monkey calms down —Dahl, Michael, author.

Little Monkey feels sad, mad and angry all at once--he needs to learn how to calm down.

Bedtime for Batman —Dahl, Michael, author.

When a dark night comes to the big city, one little super hero prepares for a great adventure...bedtime! Award-winning author Michael Dahl (Goodnight Baseball, Goodnight Football, and Goodnight Hockey) and illustrator Et...

Good morning, Superman —Dahl, Michael, author.

A young boy goes through his morning routine, going potty, getting dressed, eating breakfast, brushing his teeth, packing his bag, and getting hugs and kisses, while imagining it all as a heroic adventure that Superman m...

Family is a superpower —Dahl, Michael, author.

In this new addition to the bestselling 'DC Super Heroes Picture Book' series, the diverse family structures of the World's Greatest Heroes mirror the lives of real-life children and their equally diverse families. Along...

Sweet dreams, Supergirl —Dahl, Michael, author.

A young Supergirl fan faces her most elusive adversary sleep! As darkness falls, a young girl attempts to catch some Z's while DC Comics' SUPERGIRL tracks down an enemy. With super hero traits, like BRAVERY, PATIENCE, an...

No worries for Whale —Dahl, Michael, author.

Little Whale worries about everything, but Mother Whale is always there to make him feel better.

Goodnight hockey —Dahl, Michael, author.

A young fan cheers on his hometown hockey team, and then returns home to snuggle into bed.

The BFG Big Friendly Giant

Enjoy the imaginative story of a young girl and the Giant who introduces her to the wonders and perils of Giant Country. The BFG, while a giant himself, is a Big Friendly Giant and nothing like the other inhabitants of G...

Little dinos don't hit —Dahl, Michael.

Little Dino learns to use his strong hands and arms for helping instead of hitting.

Fantastic Mr. Fox

The story of a clever, quick, nimble, and exceptionally well-dressed wild animal. A compulsive chicken thief turned newspaper reporter, Mr. Fox settles down with his family at a new foxhole in a beautiful tree directly a...

DC super heroes world's greatest jokes —Dahl, Michael, author.

Hundreds of laugh-out-loud jokes featuring Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and other DC Super Heroes! Why does Bruce Wayne brush his teeth every night? So he doesn't get Bat-breath! Where do most of the world's super her...

Pig takes a bath —Dahl, Michael.

A muddy little pig takes a bath and gets clean before escaping back to his messy fun.

Little Turtle tries —Dahl, Michael, author.

It is time to get dressed, which is no easy task for Little Turtle, but he is determined not to give up.

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