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Did you mean? Diploma Mary Newel
Happy 100th day! —Milord, Susan.

Graham Elmore hates school, but as the year progresses toward the day that is both his birthday and the hundredth day of school, Graham's reading improves, and so does his outlook.

The squeaky door —MacDonald, Margaret Read, 1940-

When Little Boy is frightened by a squeaky bedroom door, his grandmother brings in various animals to help him feel secure enough to sleep. Includes notes on the story's origins.

The perfect gift —DePalma, Mary Newell.

Lori the lorikeet wants to give her grandmother a present, but after dropping her beautiful red berry into the river, she and her friends must try to retrieve the berry or find another gift.

A grand old tree —DePalma, Mary Newell.

A book about the life of a tree and all it gives us.

Now it is winter —Spinelli, Eileen.

A young mouse is encouraged by his mother to enjoy winter while waiting for spring to come.

Happy school year! —Milord, Susan.

Children gather for a first day of school celebration that calms their worries about the day. Includes note about the history of such celebrations, and a related website.

Knock! knock! —Wahl, Jan.

A little witch sitting alone at her spinning wheel hears a knock at her door, but the various body parts that enter are not much company.

Estelle takes a bath —Esbaum, Jill.

Pandemonium results when a mouse sneaks into a warm kitchen to escape a blizzard and startles Estelle in her bubble bath.

My chair —James, Betsy.

A group of children celebrate their various chairs and their imaginations as they gather to welcome a new neighbor.

Two little birds —DePalma, Mary Newell.

Two little birds make their first grand migration south, and later return home to start new families.

The Nutcracker doll —DePalma, Mary Newell.

Kepley, a young ballerina, gets to play a flower doll in a professional production of "The Nutcracker."

Roads —Harshman, Marc.

Provides a child's view of a car trip to visit grandparents.

Bow-wow wiggle-waggle —DePalma, Mary Newell.

Simple, rhyming text follows a rambunctious dog throughout a day of fun.

Swimming Sal —Molski, Carol.

As the only dog at Hilltop Farm who has never won an award, Sal, encouraged by her mother's reminder of her Portuguese water dog heritage, decides to perfect her swimming skills by joining the swim team at the YMCA.

Rembrandt's hat —Blackaby, Susan.

When Rembrandt the bear loses his special lucky hat, he finds that neither a bird, nor a cat, nor a clown hat can replace it.

Now it is summer —Spinelli, Eileen.

A young mouse is encouraged by his mother to enjoy summer while waiting for autumn to come.