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Corduroy —Freeman, Don, 1908-1978, author.

A toy bear in a department store wants a number of things, but when a little girl finally buys him he finds what he has always wanted most of all.

Corduroy's hike —Inches, Alison, author.

Corduroy sneaks into Lisa's backpack when she goes on a hiking trip and has quite an adventure when he gets lost along the trail.

Corduroy's garden —Inches, Alison, author.

When the beans that Lisa has planted are dug up by a dog, Corduroy reseeds the garden that he was supposed to be watching, but he and Lisa are in for a surprise when the "beans" finally appear on the vines.

Earl the squirrel —Freeman, Don, 1908-1978.

Earl the Squirrel doesn't think of himself as spoiled, but his mother does. She decides it's high time he learns to find acorns for himself. Wearing a bright red scarf, he sets off on his own for an action-packed acorn-f...

Corduroy makes a cake —Inches, Alison, author.

Corduroy sets out to make Lisa a special surprise for her birthday but it turns out to be much harder than it looks.

Corduroy writes a letter —Inches, Alison, author.

Corduroy shows Lisa that writing letters to express your opinion can make a difference.

Corduroy takes a bow —Davis, Viola, 1965- author.

When Lisa takes Corduroy to the theater for the first time, Corduroy heads out on his own to explore the whole building, including the dressing rooms, orchestra pit, and prop table.

Gregory's shadow —Freeman, Don, 1908-1978.

Gregory Groundhog and his shadow desperately look for each other after they become separated from one another just before their annual appearance on Groundhog Day.

A rainbow of my own —Freeman, Don, 1908-1978.

A small boy imagines what it would be like to have his own rainbow to play with.

Corduroy's best Halloween ever!

Corduroy must decide on his costume in order to enjoy one of his favorite holidays with his friends.

A pocket for Corduroy —Freeman, Don, 1908-1978.

A toy bear who wants a pocket for himself searches for one in a laundromat.

A Christmas wish for Corduroy —Hennessy, B. G. (Barbara G.)

A teddy bear in the toy department of a big store receives a new name and a new home from Santa.

Goodwin the goat —Freeman, Don, 1908-1978, author, illustrator.

When Goodwin the goat discovers an artist's paint tubes, he becomes covered in colour when he eats them and is soon made into a tourist attraction by Farmer Mac Duff.

Corduroy's Christmas surprise

Corduroy's letter to Santa is full of requests for his friends, who will be spending Christmas Day with him, but Santa has a surprise in store for a very special bear, too.

One more acorn —Freeman, Don, 1908-1978.

Earl the squirrel searches for acorns in the autumn in Washington, D.C.

Happy Hanukkah, Corduroy —McCue, Lisa.

Corduroy is celebrating Hanukkah with his friends. They light the menorah, eat potato pancakes, and play dreidel. Come celebrate the festival of lights with Corduroy!

Corduroy goes to the doctor. —Freeman, Don, 1908-1978.

Corduroy's going to see the doctor. He likes everyone in the doctor's office, and they know he's a very brave bear.

Corduroy —Freeman, Don, 1908-1978, author, illustrator.

Overview: In 1968, a girl named Lisa fell in love with a little brown bear wearing green overalls with one button missing, and thousands of readers followed suit, making Corduroy one of the best-loved children's books of...

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