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Literary Form
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Plan B is total panic —Godfrey, Martyn.

The grizzly bear stood on all fours staring curiously at us. It raised to its haunches, standing straight, and sniffed our scent. I croaked some words as I looked at my friend who was staring at the huge apparition.

There's a cow in my swimming pool —Godfrey, Martyn.

Nicole knows she shouldn't really be having this party. Her mom and new stepdad already said no, before they left for their honeymoon. But everyone's having such a good time, including Nicole. Brent, the new guy in town,...

Please remove your elbow from my ear —Godfrey, Martyn.

Stormy Sprague and other misfits call "the Dregs of the Detention Dungeon" form a floor hockey team and they even have the nerve to compete against the unbeatable Screaming Eagles.

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