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Strengthening Fine Motor Skills : Modified Basic Skills —Groves, Penny.

The first part of Strengthening Fine Motor Skills is devoted to mazes. These mazes are a practical tool for working on a variety of skills, from basic pencil control and hand-eye coordination to the formation of letters ...

Visual Discrimination Skills : Modified Basic Skills —Groves, Penny.

Visual discrimination is the ability to use one's eyes t interpret accurately the surrounding stumuli in one's environment. A greater percentage of young children learn more easily through remembering what they see(visua...

Correcting Word Reversals : Modified Basic Skills —Groves, Penny.

It is not unusual for young learners to reverse letters and works -- that is, to print them in a backward formation. The sooner children learn to correct direction, the sooner they will feel successful in all areas of s...

Visual Memory Skills : Modified Basic Skills —Groves, Penny.

Visual memory is the ability to recall what is seen. Young students tend to retain visual information more easily than auditory information.

Correcting Reversals : Modified Basic Skills —Groves, Penny.

Correcting Reversals begin with activities which help the students to recall how to print correctly the numberals 0-9.

Correcting Word Reversals. —Groves Penny.

Young learners often print certain letters and words in a backwards formation. This book will help eliminate that tendency and promote success in printing and spelling. Children first need a clear understanding of "left"...