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My Weird School graphic novel. Mr. Corbett is in orbit! —Gutman, Dan, author.
Graphic Novel
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In this first book, A.J. and his friends at Ella Mentry School are headed on a field trip to NASA headquarters. But their tour guide, Mr. Corbett, is a total space cadet! And what happens when A.J. accidentally launches ...

My weird school goes to the museum —Gutman, Dan, author.

A.J. and Andrea go on a class trip to the museum, where their guide has been warned about their possible misbehavior.

Back to school, weird kids rule! —Gutman, Dan, author.

"Summer is almost over, and you know what that means--time to head back to school! But when a tropical storm ends A.J.'s vacation earlier than expected, he and his family have to stay at Andrea's house. Ugh, disgusting! ...

Talent show mix-up —Gutman, Dan, author.

A.J. has trouble coming up with a talent to put on display in his class's upcoming talent show.

Miss Aker is a maker! —Gutman, Dan, author.

Principal Klutz has invited a special guest to Ella Mentry School. Her name is Miss Aker, and she's going to show A.J. and his friends how to create cool things out of materials like balloons, straws, and even Popsicle s...

Miss Newman isn't human! —Gutman, Dan, author.

"A guest is coming to Ella Mentry School! It's local TV meteorologist Sprinkles Newman, who is going to teach A.J. and the gang about the weather. but what happens when a real storm heads for the school? The forecast cal...

Mr. Marty loves a party! —Gutman, Dan, author.

A.J. is turning nine! So he's inviting all his family, friends, and favorite teachers over for a backyard birthday bash. His parents even hire a popular party planner, Mr. Marty. But what happens when Mr. Marty accidenta...

Mrs. Bacon is fakin'! —Gutman, Dan, author.

The new music teacher must try to teach A.J. and the rest of his class to play well enough during their recital to impress crabby Dr. Carbles.

Miss Blake is a flake! —Gutman, Dan, author.

When A.J. and his friends sign up for Beaver Scouts, they find that their scout leader, Miss Blake, is only interested in preparing them for emergency disasters.

Teamwork trouble —Gutman, Dan, author.

Ryan wants to form a curling team at school with A.J. and Andrea, but soon trouble amongst his teammates threatens to end their season early.

Mr. Will needs to chill! —Gutman, Dan, author.

When Mr. Will, the local ice cream man, brings treats to the students at Ella Mentry School, Dr. Carbies will stop at nothing to ensure no one breaks his latest rule banning desserts.

Ms. Joni is a phony! —Gutman, Dan, author.

On picture day at Ella Mentry School, the strange new photographer wants to turn A.J. into a supermodel and the Picture Day Zombie makes an appearance.

Ms. Jo-jo is a yo-yo! —Gutman, Dan, author.

Nervously preparing for the upcoming Fundamental Arithmetic Reading Test, a stressed-out A.J. and his friends skeptically participate in relaxation classes with a wellness expert who counsels students using weird yoga ex...

Mr. Nick is a lunatic! —Gutman, Dan, author.

When the teachers of Ella Mentry School go on strike, A. J. and the gang meet a new principal who does not believe in rules and says that the students do not have to learn anything if they do not want to.

Dr. Floss is the boss! —Gutman, Dan, author.

When Ella Mentry School invites a local dentist to speak on National Dessert Day, A.J. and his friends uncover the dentist's secret plot to promote cavities for more business.

Bummer in the summer! —Gutman, Dan, author.

School's almost out for the summer, and A.J. is dreaming about all the fun things he's going to do on vacation. But A.J.'s dream quickly turns into a nightmare when three familiar spirits appear to show him summers past,...

Dogs, cats, and dung beetles —Gutman, Dan, author.

Presents a treasury of facts and trivia about animals, including dogs, cats, birds, and reptiles.

Mrs. Barr has gone too far! —Gutman, Dan, author.

After noticing that A.J. and his friends' geography knowledge could use some work, Mr. Cooper invites to class just the person to help. Globetrotter Mrs. Barr speaks seven languages and has visited nearly two hundred cou...

Ms. Hall is a goofball! —Gutman, Dan, author.

New lunch lady Ms. Hall is obsessed with healthy food and she makes it her mission to get A.J. and the gang to eat more vegetables, but they won't take this sitting down.

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