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Blue moon —Halvorson, Marilyn, 1948-

Can Bobby Jo take a beat-up old horse and turn her into a champion barrel racer?

Cowboys don't quit —Halvorson, Marilyn, 1948-

In this sequel to Cowboys Don't Cry, Shane, with the help of a neighbouring friend, Casey, leaves his ranch in Alberta to search for his alcoholic father. Following his father's planned route through Montana, Shane encou...

Bull rider —Halvorson, Marilyn, 1948-

Layne wants to fulfill his father's dream of winning a national championship in bullriding, but his mother doesn't want to have her son die the way her husband did.

Brothers and strangers —Halvorson, Marilyn, 1948-

When 19-year-old Steve returns home to his father and 16-year-old brother Beau, he brings with him a disruptive, shady past. Although the boys' sibling rivalry places them in conflict, their mutual love of horses binds t...

Dare —Halvorson, Marilyn, 1948-

Dare, almost 16, is a big, tough, street-wise kid, always in trouble at school and around the twon of Crossing, Alberta. His 12-year-old brother, Ty, is just the opposite: quiet, studious, at the head of his class. When ...

Blood brothers —Halvorson, Marilyn, 1948-

Steve Garrett is on the run from the law and from some thugs bent of revenge. But he risked all by retuning to Alberta when he finds out his bother has leukemia and his bone marrow might be a match.

Let it go. —Halvorson, Marilyn, 1948-

Two troubled families are paralleled to illustrate that there are no perfect family relationships and that families respond to difficulties in different ways. Lance, a young Métis, openly resents his mother's desertion;...

Hold on, Geronimo —Halvorson, Marilyn, 1948-

Having lost the use of his right hand and gotten into a private war with his spirited cousin Kat, fifteen-year-old Lance thinks things cannot get worse, until a plane crash strands them together in a snowy Canadian wilde...

Dare —Halvorson, Marilyn, 1948-

Dare and Ty are faced with the prospect of going to a foster home until Laura McConnell, a teacher, invites them to her ranch. If it weren't for Ty, Dare would be gone, a desire that intensifies as he clashes with Laura ...

Cowboys don't quit —Halvorson, Marilyn, 1948-
Restricted EAudiobook

When Shane's dad is a day late from delivering some bulls to a ranch in Montana, Shane is a little worried. When two days have gone by and his dad is still not back, Shane decided he can't just wait around. He's going to...

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