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Sonny says mine! —Hart, Caryl, author.

When Sonny learns that the pink bunny he found while playing with his friends in the park belongs to Boo, he knows he should give it back, but will he?

Big box little box —Hart, Caryl, author.

A curious cat investigates every box it can find--and makes a mouse friend along the way.

One shoe two shoes —Hart, Caryl, author.

Introduces colors and the numbers one to ten as increasing numbers of mice explore a wide variety of shoes.

Girls can do anything —Hart, Caryl, author.

Rhyming text and vibrant illustrations celebrate the uniqueness of girls, from the endless variety in their physical attributes to the various activities they enjoy to the many remarkable things they can achieve.

Let's go to the farm! —Hart, Caryl, author.

Red boots, green boots, swishing through the hay. Bee and Billy are so excited ... They're on the farm today! Join friends Billy and Bee in the second instalment of a brand-new "First Experiences" series set in the urban...

When a dragon comes to stay —Hart, Caryl, author.

"Sometimes good manners can be a tiny bit tricky. Dragon demonstrates what it means to have good manners when she goes to visit"-- Provided by publisher.

Whiffy Wilson : the wolf who wouldn't go to school —Hart, Caryl, author.

There was a wolf called Wilson Who couldn't count to ten. He wouldn't learn to write his name. He never used a pen. Whiffy is certain that school isn't as fun as watching TV all day. But his best friend, Dotty, takes him...

Together we can! —Hart, Caryl, author.

Here's a heart-warming ode to friendship, compassion, and kindness told in rhyming verse and accompanied by charming and colorful illustrations. The message is clear - friends come in all different sizes, shapes, and col...

The princess and the giant —Hart, Caryl, author.

When a grumpy giant stomps about keeping everyone awake at night, Princess Sophie tries to find a way to help him get to sleep.

How to save a superhero —Hart, Caryl, author.

Albie doesn't want to tidy his toys away but when a comic-book baddie snatches one away, he has to chase after them! Follow Albie into a world of flying superheroes, crazy contraptions and daring rescues in another fanta...

Prince George goes to school —Hart, Caryl, author.

Prince George goes on an adventure and discovers a new kingdom. It's full of excitement, friends and even some dragons! What is the kingdom called? SCHOOL!

Let's go to playgroup! —Hart, Caryl, author.

Billy and Bee have so much fun at playgroup! Everyone will want to go too! Bright and friendly illustrations and simple, gentle text capture the the range of emotions that come with new experiences.