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The reason for the season —Huelin, Jodi.

"Alvin and the Chipmunks are looking forward to Christmas this year! Alvin especially-he can't wait to open his presents on Christmas morning and see what Santa has brought him. But with all the talk of gifts, sometime...

A cavity is a hole in your tooth —Huelin, Jodi.

When Sid the science kid gets tired of brushing his teeth, he learns about teeth and why taking care of them is important.

Pinkie Pie's spooky dream —Huelin, Jodi.

One beautiful night, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, and Sparkleworks decide to sleep out under the stars. Rainbow Dash tells the other ponies a spooky story about a big storm. It gives poor Pinkie Pie a bad dream. Luckily, he...

Batman and the toxic terror —Huelin, Jodi.

When people all over Gotham City start turning into trees, Batman must battle the villain behind it, Poison Ivy, or fall victim to her plot himself.

Big brother Piggley —Huelin, Jodi.

When Piggley is left to mind his little sister, Molly, he discovers that they both have fun if he remembers she does not like the same things as he does.

Turtles —Huelin, Jodi.

Desribes the anatomy, behavior, and life cycle of land and sea turtles.

Countdown to Valentine's Day —Huelin, Jodi.

A class celebration of Valentine's Day is describes using the numbers from ten to one.

Rainbow fish : don't cheat, Rusty —Huelin, Jodi.

"There is a big test on seashells coming up and Rusty is worried. There are so many kinds of shells! How will he ever be able to remember them all? Rusty is worried that Miss Cuttle will be disappointed if he fails the t...

Rainbow Fish : seaweed soup —Huelin, Jodi.

Rosie wants to win a contest by making the best pot of seaweed soup, but does she want to win badly enough to spoil her sister's soup?

Piggley's tough break —Huelin, Jodi.

Whe Piggley breaks his right arm he must teach his left arm to toss in time for the annual ball-toss contest.

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