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Snap! —Hutchins, Hazel author.

Evan uses his imagination and a few crayons to create new and exciting art.

The truth about wind —Hutchins, Hazel, author.

"A vividly imagined story about the importance of telling the truth, even if it means losing something you love. When Jesse finds a toy horse and makes it his very own, his imagination runs wild. This horse is the fastes...

The sidewalk rescue —Hutchins, Hazel

Morgan's little sister jumps into her sidewalk drawing and people try to save her from such dangers as lions and waterfalls by picking up chalk and drawing various pictures.

Anna at the art museum —Hutchins, Hazel author.

"A little girl becomes bored and cranky during a visit to an art museum until she begins to identify with details in the paintings. Suddenly art starts to imitate real life."-- Provided by publisher.

One dark night —Hutchins, Hazel

A young boy and his grandparents help a mother and her kittens find safety during a summer thunderstorm.

Robyn's art attack —Hutchins, Hazel

Robyn chooses the art gallery for her class field trip. Everyone expects to have a boring time but the visit sends Robyn's imagination off in a whole new direction.

Robyn's party in the park —Hutchins, Hazel

When Robyn starts planning her birthday party, her mother makes just one rule: everyone in her class has to be invited.

Beneath the bridge —Hutchins, Hazel

When a child launches a tiny paper boat downstream, the ship begins a journey toward the sea.

Sarah and the magic science project —Hutchins, Hazel

Sarah and Ben set out to make a science project of a mysterious magic-caster known as Anastasia Morningstar.

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