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Brave new world : and, Brave new world revisited —Huxley, Aldous, 1894-1963.

The astonishing novel Brave New World, originally published in 1932, presents Aldous Huxley's vision of the future-of a world utterly transformed. Through the most efficient scientific and psychological engineering, peop...

Brave new world —Huxley, Aldous, 1894-1963.

Far into the future, the World Controllers have created the ideal society. Through clever use of genetic engineering, brainwashing and recreational sex and drugs, all of its members are happy consumers. Except for Bernar...

Antic hay —Huxley, Aldous, 1894-1963.
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Legendary author Aldous Huxley chronicles London immediately following the Great War. Despite victory, London is a sulking place, full of phonies and hopeless romantics.

Great classic mysteries twelve unabridged tales.
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Enjoy the great detectives of the Golden Age of classic mysteries in this unique collection of audio whodunits. Newly recorded for this original anthology, the crimes, criminals, and sleuths depicted here set the standar...

Island —Huxley, Aldous, 1894-1963.

The author's last novel introduces a supposedly Utopian Pacific island where drug use and open sex are encouraged, and children are not at the mercy of one set of parents. In Island, his last novel, Huxley transports us ...

Pride and prejudice

The story of the five Bennett sisters living in early 19th century England. Their mother is scheming to make prestigious marriages for them. Focuses on Elizabeth Bennett, who mistakenly finds the rich Mr. Darcy an oaf, e...

The spoken word. Aldous Huxley —Huxley, Aldous, 1894-1963.
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Historic recordings of the writer in radio talks and interviews. Huxley discusses his life as a writer, his books and issues of contemporary interest, including political nationalism, the division between the arts and sc...

Brave new world, by Aldous Huxley

This volume of criticism presents a variety of new essays on Aldous Huxley's Brave New World , a classic in the science fiction and dystopian genres. These essays delve into the cultural, historical, comparative and crit...

Jane Eyre

Jane comes to Thornfield Hall as a governess to the young ward of Edward Rochester. Denied love all her life, Jane can't help but be attracted to the intelligent, vibrant, energetic Mr. Rochester, a man twice her age. Bu...

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