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Toy story 2
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The fun and adventure continues when Andy goes off to cowboy camp and the toys are left to their own devices. Things shift into high gear when an obsessive toy collector kidnaps Woody, who hasn't the slightest clue that ...


David is a Jumper who can teleport himself anywhere in the world, which creates a fun and exciting life. Things turn deadly when David finds himself pursued by a secret organization sworn to kill Jumpers. He forms an une...

Faerie tale theatre

This award-winning series brings to life 26 of the most magical classic fairy tales of all time, now digitally remastered.

Wonders of the world —Jackson, Tom, 1953-

Highlights the seven wonders of the ancient world and explains the feats of engineering behind constructing each wonder.

John Adams

While our new nation was suffering attacks from both within and without, John Adams had a vision of a nation of liberty and justice for all. He guided his peers--General George Washington, Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Je...

The complete illustrated encyclopedia of animals of the world : an expert reference guide to 840 amphibians, reptiles and mammals from every continent —Jackson, Tom, 1953-

Explains anatomy, reproduction, ecology, migration, habitats, and survival skills. Includes features on endangered species and wildlife conservation.

Science —Jackson, Tom, 1953-

Introducing the key aspects of science, this book covers all the crucial topics from atoms and evolution to explosive chemical reactions.

Beating the streets

"Beating the Streets" traces six years in the lives of Marilyn Brighteyes and Lance Marty, two inner-city Aboriginal teenagers struggling to turn their lives around. And it is the story of Joe Cloutier, the teacher - and...

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