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The Christmas tomten —Rydberg, Viktor, 1828-1895.

On Christmas Eve, Vigg is invited to accompany the Christmas tomten on his rounds which include a stop at the Hall of the Mountain King.

Lonely Misty —Jennings, Linda M.

Unhappy because her kittens have been given away, Misty seeks comradeship among the barn cats, returns to the house, and finds that someone has followed her home.

Little puppy lost —Jennings, Linda M.

When three puppies go out for their first romp in snow, they are frightened by a stranger and Ollie, separated from his siblings, must try to find his way home through snowy fields and icy woods.

Lost in the snow —Jennings, Linda M.

When Ollie sees snow for the first time, he's amazed. He rushes outside to play with his brother and sister, but then a huge, scary dog, appears and the puppies scatter. Ollie runs and runs, and when he finally stops, he...

The brave little bunny —Jennings, Linda M.

Millie the lop-eared rabbit is tired of living in a small, cramped hutch and when she decides to explore the world, she meets a wild rabbit who helps her escape danger.

Easy peasy! —Jennings, Linda M.

By jumping up onto higher and higher objects, Kitty manages to reach a tempting plate of fish.

The Kingfisher treasury of pony stories

A collection of sixteen original and traditional stories about ponies and horses, by such authors as Joan Aiken, Robert D. San Souci, and Peter Dickinson.