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The largesse of the sea maiden : stories —Johnson, Denis, 1949-2017, author.

A collection of stories contemplates subjects ranging from old age and mortality to the unexpected ways the mysteries of the universe manifest, depicting haunted characters trying to atone for the past, remember departed...

Jesus' son : stories —Johnson, Denis, 1949-2017, author.

Denis Johnson's now classic story collection chronicles a wild netherworld of addicts and lost souls, a violent and disordered landscape that encompasses every extreme of American culture. These are stories of transcende...

Nobody move —Johnson, Denis, 1949-2017
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With echoes of Raymond Chandler and Dashiell Hammett, it is at once an homage to and a variation on one of our most enduring literary genres - the American crime novel. But it adds a grisly humor and outrageousness that ...

The laughing monsters : a novel —Johnson, Denis, 1949-2017
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Roland Nair calls himself Scandinavian but travels on a U.S. passport. After ten years' absence, he returns to Freetown, the capital of Sierra Leone, to reunite with his friend Michael Adriko. They once made a lot of mon...

Jesus' son : stories —Johnson, Denis, 1949-2017

"American master Denis Johnson's nationally bestselling collection of blistering and indelible tales about America's outcasts and wanderers Denis Johnson's now classic story collection chronicles a wild netherworld of ad...

Nobody move —Johnson, Denis, 1949-2017

Small-time crook, Jimmy Luntz and a tough female con artist join forces to raise money to bail Jimmy out of his gambling debts.

Hit me

Sonny is a frustrated and lonely bellhop at a lackluster hotel. One night while he is working, he stumbles onto the illicit schemes of the corrupt hotel management. With his new found knowledge and a little prodding from...