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L.M. Montgomery's Anne of Green Gables two movie collection

Anne of Green Gables, a new adaptation of the classic series, set in 1907 on beautiful Prince Edward Island. Anne Shirley is sent there to Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert, a middle-aged brother and sister who wanted to adop...

Learning how to be kind to others. —Kent, Susan, 1942-

Explains why it is important to be kind to family, friends, and acquaintances and shows different ways to be kind.

Learning how to say you are sorry. —Kent, Susan, 1942-

Describes a variety of mistakes, such as breaking something, hurting someone's feelings, or being disobedient, and the importance of apologizing for them.

Learning how to feel good about yourself. —Kent, Susan, 1942-

Describes how children can boost their self-esteem by doing thing they enjoy and are good at and by seeking the advice and comfort of others.

Learning how to ask someone for help. —Kent, Susan, 1942-

Describes problems that children may face, and how they should ask for help in solving them.

Let's talk about living with a grandparent. —Kent, Susan, 1942-

Discusses various reasons for living with a grandparent, the benefits of such an arrangement, and how to help out at home.

Let's talk about being a good friend —Kent, Susan, 1942-

Describes the qualities of a good friend and discusses activities and communication problems involved in friendship.

Let's talk about feeling nervous —Kent, Susan, 1942-

Discusses how new experiences can make a child nervous, how a person physically manifests anxiety, and tips on reducing nervous feelings.

Learning how to appreciate difference. —Kent, Susan, 1942-

Discusses how to appreciate differences in people, emphasizing the importance of following your interests, deciding what you like, standing up for yourself, and appreciating others.

Let's talk about needing extra help at school —Kent, Susan, 1942-

Discusses some of the reasons children may need help in school and how to get the help they need.

Let's talk about when you have trouble going to sleep —Kent, Susan, 1942-

Discusses the importance of sleep, the effects of not getting enough sleep, and routines to ease the process of bedtime.

Let's talk about stuttering —Kent, Susan, 1942-

Discusses stuttering, the embarrassment it may cause, and the possibility of self-esteem for those with this condition.