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Dino dilemma —Lemke, Donald B., author.

Kids who love action-packed stories will be excited to see Batman?, Batgirl, and Nightwing face off against the Riddler in this brand-new DC Comics I Can Read book! The children of Gotham are on a field trip when they re...

Call of doodie —Lemke, Donald B., author.

Toddler soldiers follow their commander's orders on a mission to locate the target, deploy the payload, and make a clean getaway as they become toilet-trained poo-tenants.-- Amazon.

Booty scooty —Lemke, Donald B., author.

"When land barons threaten to purchase their home out from under them, Robin convinces the team to go on a treasure hunt to save Titans Tower. On their quest, they face danger, Rube Goldberg machines, and probable death!...

DC super heroes world's greatest jokes —Dahl, Michael, author.

Hundreds of laugh-out-loud jokes featuring Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and other DC Super Heroes! Why does Bruce Wayne brush his teeth every night? So he doesn't get Bat-breath! Where do most of the world's super her...

Batman : Nightmare in Gotham City —Lemke, Donald B., author.

When Scarecrow causes havoc during a Halloween haunted house sponsored by the Gotham City Police Department, it is up to Batman to stop him.

Poison Ivy's scare fair —Lemke, Donald B., author.

When Poison Ivy traps a bunch of Gotham's citizens during the county fair, it is up to Batman to help them.

Book-o-hats : a wearable book —Lemke, Donald B., author.

Become a firefighter, a chef, or perhaps a pirate with six wearable hat masks in this interactive board book with die cut holes and rhyming text.

Book-o-teeth : a wearable book —Lemke, Donald B., author.

Become a vampire, shark, or perhaps a zombie with six wearable teeth masks in this interactive board book with die cut holes and rhyming text.

Investigating the scientific method with Max Axiom, super scientist : 4D, an augmented reading science experience —Lemke, Donald B., author.

"Join Max Axiom as he explores the steps in the scientific method. Max helps young readers understand how to conduct scientific investigations. These newly revised editions feature Capstone 4D augmented reading experienc...

A few good manners : a mealtime book —Lemke, Donald B., author.

"To the mess hall on the double! It's chow time, little soldiers! And time to learn the rules of engagement at the dinner table, like wearing the proper fatigues (Keep your pants on!), landing food in the Drop Zone (Your...

Book-o-beards : a wearable book —Lemke, Donald B., author.

A wearable board book, which invite the reader to try out the six bearded masks.

Superman : a word adventure! —Lemke, Donald B., author.

Follow the adventures of Superman, and learn new words at the same time.

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