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Did you mean? Leysinsky, Loris
"I did it because ..." : how a poem happens —Lesynski, Loris.

A collection of poems is accompanied by instructions and ideas for writing rhyming poetry.

Dirty dog boogie —Lesynski, Loris.

A highly energetic collection of toe-tapping, foot-stamping poems by the author.

Shoe shakes —Lesynski, Loris.

Humorous and melodious poems featuring children and their shoes.

Nothing beats a pizza —Lesynski, Loris.

"Energetic illustrations accompany over 30 fun-filled poems about pizza, homework, pets and more. Ideal for sharing aloud" Cf. Our choice, 2002.

Rocksy —Lesynski, Loris.

Rocksy is a very lovely but clumsy girl. When she enters the forbidden magic woods and wishes she were made of stone, she gets her wish and realizes that isn't what she wanted after all.

Zigzag : zoems for zindergarten —Lesynski, Loris.

A poetry collection focuses on the pleasures of sound and the rhythm of language and invites children to join in with catchy, funny rhymes.

What a story! —Kropp, Paul.

Sara has to write a story for her class. Tasha can write one. Lena can do it. Even George can. But all Sara can make up are excuses.

Crazy about basketball! —Lesynski, Loris.

Collection of poetry about the sport of basketball.

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