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Reach for the stars —Mazer, Anne.

Abby memorizes every character's line in order to get a major role in Peter Pan.

Every cloud has a silver lining —Mazer, Anne.

Abby Hayes hopes to prove that she is as great as her siblings who have already proved their Hayes worthiness.

Spilling ink : a young writer's handbook —Mazer, Anne.

After receiving letters from fans asking for writing advice,accomplished authors Anne Mazer and Ellen Potter joined together to create this guidebook for young writers. The authors mix inspirational anecdotes with practi...

The best is yet to come —Mazer, Anne.

First, Abby and Hannah need to find the perfect outfits for fifth-grade graduation. Then Abby has to make plans for the summer. She decides to take swimming lessons and relax. But Abby's peaceful vacation is disturbed th...

The declaration of independence —Mazer, Anne.

"This year the Fall Festival at the high school will be the best ever. Abby wants to go with her friends--not her parents and little brother. But first she has to prove how mature she has become..."

All that glitters isn't gold —Mazer, Anne.

When Abby's friend Brianna gets a MePhone, she is green with envy, and sets out to convince her parents to buy her one too.

The salamander room —Mazer, Anne, author.

A little boy tells his mother all the things he will do in his room after he brings a salamander there to live.

Too close for comfort —Mazer, Anne.

Abby's family is going camping, and Abby is allowed to bring a friend. She decides to invite a new girl in town, but can any friendship survive a week in a campsite with the Hayeses?

Home is where the heart is —Mazer, Anne.

Abby and her siblings don't want to move and they realize that it will take some time to get used to their new home.

Look before you leap —Mazer, Anne.

"It's summer, and Abby Hayes has nothing to do. So it's the perfect time to get a pet! Abby is sure that she can handle the responsibility. But things don't go as planned, and by the time she adopts a kitten, Abby's summ...

It's music to my ears —Mazer, Anne.

Now that she's in sixth grade, Abby's discovering new friends and new talents. She's also discovering a major new interest: a boy in the seventh grade.

Now you see it, now you don't —Mazer, Anne.

Abby Hayes tries to solve the mystery of who at her school is stealing the things which her fellow students value the most.

Out of sight, out of mind —Mazer, Anne.

Abby is sad when her friend, Jessica, goes away for several months, and things continue to go wrong when she makes big mistakes such as getting fired from the baby-sitting job that was previously Jessica's responsibility...

Good things come in small packages —Mazer, Anne.

Abby's teacher has to leave school for a few weeks and leaves Abby in charge of the gift box project. When the mean substitute teacher won't let Abby make announcements about it, she and her new friend Hannah must think ...

Violet makes a splash —Mazer, Anne.

Mabel's starting to see that Violet's magic has possibilities. She can use it to enchant toys and even to help Mabel with some of her favourite projects, but when Violet conjures up a pool for their yard, Mabel knows the...

Some things never change —Mazer, Anne.

When Abby's best friend comes back to town she's changed and her other friend doesn't seem to have time for her anymore.

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