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The dog who wouldn't be —Mowat, Farley.

Growing up in Saskatoon, with a characterful dog and a boat-mad father.

Two against the north —Mowat, Farley, 1921-

The story of two boys on a hunting trip who lose their way in Canada's desolate Barrenlands, just as the long Arctic winter is beginning.

Born naked —Mowat, Farley.

Farley Mowat's outrageous memoir begins with his unlikely conception in a canoe and continues to his boyhood fascination with creatures of the natural world and on to his youthful rambles and adventures. To his immense p...

Farley Mowat Owls in the family

Canadian author Farley Mowat talks about his boyhood in Saskatchewan and of the animals he had there. He talks of writing his children's book, Owls in the Family, and reads a chapter in which Wol, the owl, scares away th...

Bay of spirits : a love story —Mowat, Farley, 1921-

"In 1957, Farley Mowat shipped out aboard one of Newfoundland’s famous coastal steamers, tramping from outport to outport along the southwest coast. The indomitable spirit of the people and the bleak beauty of the landsc...

Never cry wolf —Mowat, Farley.

Hordes of bloodthirsty wolves are slaughtering the arctic caribou, and the government's Wildlife Service assigns naturalist Farley Mowat to investigate. Mowat is dropped alone onto the frozen tundra, where he begins his ...

Lost in the barrens —Mowat, Farley, 1921-

Awasin, a Cree boy, and Jamie, a Canadian orphan living with his uncle, the trapper Angus Macnair, are enchanted by the magic of the great Arctic wastes. They set out on an adventure that proves longer and more dangerous...

The dog who wouldn't be —Mowat, Farley.

A hilarious story of Farley Mowat's boyhood on the Canadian prairies and his beloved unusual dog.

Owls in the family —Mowat, Farley.

The story of two owls named Wol and Weeps who live with a family in Canada.

My father's son —Mowat, Farley, 1921- author.

The follow-up to And No Birds Sang, Farley Mowat's memoir My Father's Son charts the course of a family relationship in the midst of extreme trial. Taking place during Mowat's years in the Italian Campaign, the memoir is...

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