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The church mice and the ring —Oakley, Graham.

The church mice carry out a convoluted plan to find a home for their new friend Percy, a stray dog.

The church mice in action —Oakley, Graham.

The church mice enter Samson in a cat show to win money to fix the church roof, but in doing so, they unknowingly put him in danger.

The church mice adrift —Oakley, Graham.

The church cat and the church mice use brains instead of brawn to rout a scurvy gang of displaced rats who have taken over the church.

The church mice at bay —Oakley, Graham.

Samson the church cat and all the church mice devise a campaign to rid the vicarage of the substitute vicar.

The church mice at Christmas —Oakley, Graham.

When Arthur and Humphrey decide to rally the church mice into having a Christmas party, the result is a series of disasters.

The church mice spread their wings. —Oakley, Graham.

This is a lively tale about a friendship between a cat and mice living in a church. The mice decide that the church is too full of excitement and danger and decide that they would rather live out in the country. Describe...

The Foxbury force —Oakley, Graham.

Although Foxbury's Town Burglars "burgle" one shop each month to give the police practice chasing burglars, this time the robbers have other plans.

The Foxbury Force and the pirates —Oakley, Graham.

A band of villainous pirates are terrorizing innocent citizens on the Municipal Boating Lake. Inspector Flannel has an intrepid plan to catch them, but sometimes even the very best of plans can go wrong ...

Hetty and Harriet —Oakley, Graham.

A young, foolish hen and her slightly older, wiser friend look for the perfect home.