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Healthy choices, healthy lives —Olson, Karen W., 1957-

"David is scared and full of questions after he heard his favorite Auntie yelling. Through the love of his mommy, David learns to understand that Auntie has an alcohol problem and the importance of making healthy choice...

Eyes, ears, nose, and mouth —Olson, Karen W., 1957-

Tony goes to a doctor who examines his nose, ears, mouth and eyes.

Eat, run, and live healthy —Olson, Karen W., 1957-

Nurse Ellen visits a classroom and describes healthy eating habits.

Living safe, playing safe —Olson, Karen W., 1957-

"Tony, Rainey, Jennifer and Mavis love playing, with the help of their parents and a few mishaps, they learn important safety lessons at school, in the kitchen and in the playground."--BOOK JACKET