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The busy body book : a kid's guide to fitness —Rockwell, Lizzy.

An introduction to the human body, how it functions, and its need for exercise.

Good enough to eat : a kid's guide to food and nutrition —Rockwell, Lizzy.

Describes the six categories of nutrients needed for good health, how they work in the body, and what foods provide each.

The all-together quilt —Rockwell, Lizzy, author, illustrator.

Jennifer and her friends at the community center are making a quilt. They begin with lots of colorful fabrics and an idea. Then they measure, cut, stitch, layer, and quilt. It's the work of many hands, many hours, and ma...

St. Patrick's Day —Rockwell, Anne F.

Mrs. Madoff's students celebrate Saint Patrick's Day by making class presentations about the history of the holiday and Irish traditions and culture.

My spring robin —Rockwell, Anne F., author.

Despite all the signs of spring--sprouting ferns, a frog, and flowers--a little girl searches for the robin that means that spring has finally come.

Valentine's Day —Rockwell, Anne F.

The children in Mrs. Madoff's class make special Valentine's cards to send to a friend in Japan and to share at their classroom celebration.

Library day —Rockwell, Anne F., author.

While visiting the library for the first time, a young boy listens to stories, reads books and magazines, and learns that there is something for everyone at the library.

Plants feed me —Rockwell, Lizzy.

"Watermelons are fruits. Cabbages are leaves. Walnuts are seeds. Carrots are roots. People eat many parts of plants. Even flowers!

How do you feel? —Rockwell, Lizzy, author.

The playground is the perfect place to witness a wide range of emotions. A girl is happy when playing with a puppy. Another girl is angry when a boy knocks over her drink. And the boy is sorry.

Hiking day —Rockwell, Anne F., author.

"Beloved author Anne Rockwell celebrates nature and the outdoors with a gorgeous new picture book about a child's first mountain hike! With simple, lyrical text and bright illustrations that jump off the page, 'Hiking Da...

Mother's Day —Rockwell, Anne F.

The students in Mrs. Madoff's class share how they will celebrate Mother's Day with their families.

A nest full of eggs —Jenkins, Priscilla Belz, author.

Describes how in the spring the American robin prepares her nest, lays her eggs, and sits patiently on her nest and keeps the eggs warm until twelve days pass and they are ready to hatch.

Career day —Rockwell, Anne F.

Each child in Mrs. Madoff's class brings a visitor who tells the group about his or her job.

100 school days —Rockwell, Anne F.

The students in Mrs. Madoff's class keep track of the days they have been in school, marking each interval of ten, until they reach 100 days.

Father's Day —Rockwell, Anne F.

For Fathers' Day, the students in Mrs. Madoff's class write and illustrate books about their dads.

Mary Clare likes to share : a math reader —Hulme, Joy N.

Mary Clare divides treats into halves, thirds, or other fractional parts to make sure that each of her friends or family members can enjoy an equal share.

The busy body book : a kid's guide to fitness —Rockwell, Lizzy.

An introduction to the human body, how it functions, and how children can contribute to their own good health and fitness by being physically active and eating appropriate foods.

Our yard is full of birds —Rockwell, Anne F.

Describes the variety of birds visiting a yard, from the phoebe and wren to the crows and blue jays.

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