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Colors —Rotner, Shelley, author, photographer.

A red fire truck races, orange pumpkins glow, and purple flowers bloom in vivid pictures of familiar things that inspire children to look more carefully at their environment.

Hello Autumn! —Rotner, Shelley, author, photographer.

"All the signs of autumn including leaves turning colors, animals preparing for the winter or migrating, the harvesting of fall produce, cooler weather, and shorter days are noted in this photo-essay about the season"--P...

Hello winter! —Rotner, Shelley, author, illustrator.

"The basic facts about the season of Winter including how plants, animals, and the climate change and adapt are included in this photo essay introduction to Winter"-- Provided by publisher.

I like the farm —Rotner, Shelley, author, photographer.

Children share what they like about the farm.

Shades of people —Rotner, Shelley.

Explores the many different shades of human skin, and points out that skin is just a covering that does not reveal what someone is like inside.

Senses on the farm —Rotner, Shelley.

Learn about the different senses by means of a variety of farm activities and various farm animals.

Senses at the seashore —Rotner, Shelley.

A child shares the sights, sounds, smells, touches, and tastes of a day at the seashore.

Lots of feelings —Rotner, Shelley. .

Simple text and photographs introduce basic emotions--happy, grumpy, thoughtful, and more--and how people express them.

Whose eye am I? —Rotner, Shelley, author, illustrator.

"This introduction to how humans and other animals see also includes an interactive game in which readers guess which eye belongs to which animal."-- Provided by publisher.

Yummy! : good food makes me strong —Rotner, Shelley, author.

Depicts children eating and preparing healthy food and provides tips for parents on choosing healthier options.

Senses in the city —Rotner, Shelley.

Simple text and photographs illustrate the sights, sounds, smells, textures, and tastes of the big city.

School days —Rotner, Shelley, author, illustrator.

"There's a lot to do at school! Bright photos of a wide range of young kids and simple text offer young readers a look what happens throughout the school year"-- Provided by publisher.

Dogs don't brush their teeth! —De Groat, Diane.

Fifteen different dogs show what they can do, and what they can't do.

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