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Dry —Sapergia, Barbara, 1943-

A powerful literary thriller about a frighteningly near future where myth and adventure intersect, Dry weaves its fable around the lethal conflict between two families. In this futuristic world, plant scientists Signy Ni...

The secret of Sentinel Rock —Silverthorne, Judith, 1953-

Twelve-year-old Emily is facing not only the loss of her grandmother but her grandmother's farm, as well. She retreats to her favourite spot, a rock ledge overlooking the prairie, where, to her surprise, she finds a girl...

Bay girl —Dorion, Betty, 1952-

Eleven-year-old Patsy travels along the Newfoundland coast in 1962 to visit her Gran and Uncle Wish in the outport of Shoal Harbour. Learning to row a dinghy and helping out on her uncle's fishing dory give Patsy a new s...

That incredible state

Disc 1: 1. Garrett Wilson's "To The Wire" tells a story of lasting friendship between a boy and his first dog some 60 years ago. The kids talk about the pets they have and exotic ones they would like to have. -- 2. Rita ...

Dinosaur blackout —Silverthorne, Judith, 1953-

In the fourth book of the "Dinosaur Adventure series," Daniel finds himself back in the one place he vowed never to return to the Cretaceous Period 65 million years ago). At the start of the book, the Paleontological tou...

The light-fingered gang —Glaze, Dave, 1947-

When many citizens of Saskatoon blame Galician immigrants for a jewelry store robbery, Mack Davis and his friend Albert decide to investigate and get help from a mysterious boy at the local laundry.

Talisa's song —Smith, Linda, 1949-2007

Talisa Thatcher's family are the finest magicians of Uglessia, but she can't do a scrap of magic. Talisa can sing, however, and when she goes to the city of Freyfall to study music, she meets Cory, a young Freyan artist ...

The water of possibility —Goto, Hiromi, 1966-

"Twelve year-old Sayuri and her little brother Keiji find excitement in the small Alberta town they've moved to, in the form of a magical Middle World behind a door in their cellar" Cf. Our choice, 2002.

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