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Baking day! —Shaw, Natalie, author.

"Daniel Tiger takes a fun trip to the bakery and learns to make Trolley Cookies with Baker Aker and Prince Wednesday! The last page of the book includes a fun cookie-decorating activity for little bakers!"-- Provided by ...

Dragon heroes —Shaw, Natalie, author.

Introduces Dak and Leyla, twin dragon riders who use their special bonds with dragons for rescue missions.

Operation Easter egg —Shaw, Natalie, author.

"What do the Wolfy Kids like even better than causing trouble? Eating candy! But when Gekko is in charge of guarding the chocolate eggs for the egg hunt at school, he can't help but wonder if they taste as good as they l...

Meet PJ Robot! —Shaw, Natalie, author.

When Romeo invents a robot to get inside and destroy the PJ Masks headquarters, it's up to Catboy, Gekko, and Owlette to stop him.

The legend of the Great Pumpkin —Shaw, Natalie, author.

Despite never seeing it in person, Linus returns to the pumpkin patch year after year, hoping to spot the Great Pumpkin.

Stick with it —Shaw, Natalie, author.

When Professor Gimbal slips and gets stuck in a fort, it's up to the Pod Squad to find a way to get him unstuck.

I'm feeling mad —Shaw, Natalie, author.

When Daniel Tiger feels so mad that he wants to roar, he takes a deep breath and counts to four! What helps you feel calm when you are mad?

Meet the neighbors! —Shaw, Natalie, author.

"Get to know all of the friends in Daniel Tiger's neighborhood! Soon they will be your friends too!" -- Page 4 of cover.

CoComelon : Ready for school! —Shaw, Natalie, author.

Come along with JJ as he packs his backpack and lunch box. Once he arrives at school, he plays with his classmates, eats lunch, takes a nap, and learns about colors and shapes with his classmates. School is so much fun!

A Charlie Brown valentine —Shaw, Natalie, author.

On Valentine's Day, Charlie Brown tries to share his feelings with a special girl but just cannot work up the courage to approach her.

Merry Christmas tales.

Collects Christmas-themed stories adapted from DreamWorks animated films and television series, including "Rise of the Guardians" and "Penguins of Madagascar."

All about the dinosaurs! —Shaw, Natalie, author.

Learn all about dinosaurs with Buddy and pals in this book that comes with awesome dinosaur stickers and all kinds of information for little paleontologists-to-be!

A special day with Dad —Shaw, Natalie, author.

With her mom taking her brothers to a soccer game, Olivia and her dad get to spend a whole day together.

Winter colorland —Shaw, Natalie, author.

"Explore the colors of a perfect winter day! When you think of winter, do you think of the colors of the rainbow? Even when the world is covered in white snow, if you bundle up and take a stroll, you'll see that there is...

Miffy jumps for joy —Shaw, Natalie, author.

"Miffy's dad has a surprise for her on the last day of school. It's a bouncy castle! Miffy and her friends are having a great time until her dad accidentally puts a hole in the castle. Luckily for everyone, Miffy knows j...

Pumpkin Guts versus the vampires —Shaw, Natalie, author.

"No guts, no glory. Every monster knows that on Halloween night you do not go trick-or-treating. You stay home and panic. Mavis has had enough of Drac and Aunt Lydia's cryptic warnings, so she sneaks out with her friends...

Two teen vampires! —Shaw, Natalie, author.

Aunt Lydia is ruining the afterlife! Mavis and her friends really want to go to Roachella, the biggest concert of the year, but strict Aunt Lydia says no. If only Aunt Lydia were a teenager, she'd understand just how coo...

My first 100 dinosaur words —Shaw, Natalie, author.

All aboard! Now the youngest dinosaur fans can learn 100 words with their favorite characters from Jim Henson's Dinosaur Train! What kind of words make up Buddy the T. Rex's world? Find out in this book of first words th...

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