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Honouring the buffalo : a Plains Cree legend = Ēwako ōma ohci paskwāwi-mostos kā-kistēyimiht : nēhiyaw-ācimowin —Silverthorne, Judith, 1953- author.

"Written in both English and Cree, Honouring the buffalo is the Plains Cree story of the people's relationship with the buffalo (bison) and the many traditional gifts its body provided the First Nations in times past"--P...

Dinosaur hideout —Silverthorne, Judith, 1953-

Daniel loves nothing more than fossil hunting. He even dreams about dinosaurs. Then, at his secret hideout, a hollowed-out cave in a hillside, Daniel makes an exciting find. A fossil never before seen in the area.

Ghosts of Government House —Silverthorne, Judith, 1953-

Sam, J.J. and Grandma Louise, set out on a ghost-finding adventure in the former vice-regal residence.

The secret of the stone house —Silverthorne, Judith, 1953-

As Emily struggles to accept the breakup of her parents' marriage, her beloved grandmother dies and her mother, Kate, says they can no longer afford to keep her beautiful stone farmhouse built when the family first came ...

Dinosaur blackout —Silverthorne, Judith, 1953-

In the fourth book of the "Dinosaur Adventure series," Daniel finds himself back in the one place he vowed never to return to the Cretaceous Period 65 million years ago). At the start of the book, the Paleontological tou...

Dinosaur stakeout —Silverthorne, Judith, 1953-

Daniel Bingham once again travels back to the time of dinosaurs to learn more about the prehistoric creatures he loves.

The secret of Sentinel Rock —Silverthorne, Judith, 1953-

Twelve-year-old Emily is facing not only the loss of her grandmother but her grandmother's farm, as well. She retreats to her favourite spot, a rock ledge overlooking the prairie, where, to her surprise, she finds a girl...

The secret of the stone circle —Silverthorne, Judith, 1953-

Emily, whose story begins in The secret of Sentinal Rock, takes an heirloom mirror with her on a trip to Scotland with her Dad. With the help of the image in the mirror, Emily begins to understand the secrets of the pas...

Made in Saskatchewan Peter Rupchan, Ukrainian pioneer and potter, a biography —Silverthorne, Judith, 1953-
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A biography of an early Saskatchewan potter, who immigrated to Saskatchewan in 1905 as an accomplished potter.

Ingrained legacy Saskatchewan pioneer woodworkers, 1870-1930 —Silverthorne, Judith, 1953-
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Ingrained Legacy surveys the lives and creations of over eighty dedicated pioneer woodworkers who made their home in Saskatchewan, all of whom carved their creations by hand with locally available materials.

Dinosaur breakout Dinosaur Adventure Series, Book 2. —Silverthorne, Judith, 1953-

In this exciting sequel to Dinosaur Hideout, twelve-year-old Daniel Bringham travels back millions of years to the time of dinosaurs - a terrifying journey from which he may never return.In Dinosaur Hideout, Daniel and P...

Dinosaur hideout Dinosaur Adventure Series, Book 1. —Silverthorne, Judith, 1953-

How can the remains of long-dead dinosaurs help save a modern family farm?For Daniel, things can't get a lot worse. First of all, he's an amateur palaeontologist but his dad's always on his case about it. They live on a ...