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Together —Simmons, Jane.

Two dogs, Mousse and Nut, learn that even though they may like different things, they can still be best friends.

I love you, man

After Peter gets engaged to the woman of his dreams, he realizes he has not one friend to serve as his best man. To rectify the situation, he goes on a series of man-dates before he meets Sydney Fife, with whom he instan...

Matty in a mess! —Moss, Miriam.

Matty is a very orderly bear that lives with his not-so-orderly sister. When a strong wind turns everything upside down Matty finds himself in a bit of a mess.

Come along, Daisy! —Simmons, Jane.

Daisy the duckling becomes so engrossed in playing with dragonflies and lily pads that she temporarily loses her mother.

Ebb & Flo and the baby seal —Simmons, Jane.

Ebb finds a baby seal who is a long way from home, and it's up to Ebb to help find her mother.

Daisy and the egg —Simmons, Jane.

Daisy the duckling eagerly awaits the arrival of a new brother or sister, even helping Mama Duck sit on the egg while they wait for it to hatch.

Matty takes off! —Moss, Miriam.

Matty Bear lives in a neat and tidy house. When his sister Milly invites him to stay, Matty discovers that possessions aren't always the key to happiness.

Ship's cat Doris —Simmons, Jane.
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When the owners of "Prosperity" choose a little kitten to be their new ship's cat, they think he's a girl and name him Doris! But soon Doris finds this isn't his only problem: settling into life on board and finding his ...

Daisy and the Beastie —Simmons, Jane.

Daisy and her little brother Pip encounter many different animals as they look all over the farm for the Beastie from Grandpa's story.

Quack, Daisy, quack! —Simmons, Jane.

Daisy and her brother Pip visit their Aunt Lily and get lost.

Little Fern's first winter —Simmons, Jane.

Fern and her brother Bracken play hide and seek as the other animals prepare for the first snowstorm of winter.

Ebb & Flo and the greedy gulls —Simmons, Jane.

Ebb and Flo are enjoying a day at the beach, until Flo accuses Ebb of eating the picnic food. But Ebb didn't do it, so she goes off by herself to sulk. Ebb is sad and frustrated at being falsely accused, but then the rea...

Beryl : a pig's tale —Simmons, Jane.

Tired of being mistreated and cooped up, Beryl the piglet escapes her farm and meets a group of wild pigs, whose settlement splits up over the decision of whether to let her stay, and with her new "family" she sets out t...

Adventure planet

The adventures of brother and sister Jorpe and Norva, from the deepest jungle of Northern Thailand to the chaotic mega-city to save the world. Excessive global warming has attracted B.U.C.T. heat devils that have reprodu...

The Dreamtime Fairies —Simmons, Jane.

Lucy, Bear, Jamie, and Floppy Rabbit fly across the ocean to find the Dreamtime Fairies, who will help them fall asleep.

Lily gets lost! —Simmons, Jane.

It's springtime, and Lily is curious. What is that nibbling sound behind the hedge? And who is snorting such a snort? Lily explores the hedge, the paddock and the lake but, when she gets to the barn, she realises that th...

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