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Life in the far north —Kalman, Bobbie.

Describes the Native nations that have lived for thousands of years in the northernmost part of present-day North America, where the frigid climate impacts every aspect of daily life for such groups as the Inuit, Yupik, ...

How to choose foods your body will use —Sjonger, Rebecca, author.

"With a focus on building health and nutrition literacy, this timely title gives readers the tools they need to make healthy food choices for every meal! Topics include whole foods, processed foods, and reading food labe...

Explore the Northwest Territories! —Sjonger, Rebecca, author.

"Take on a road trip across the Northwest Territories visiting major cities as well as heading off the beaten path to explore the people, environment, foods, cultures, and history of each region. Detours add fun trivia a...

The water cycle —Kalman, Bobbie.

Discusses the water cycle, various types of water, how pollution has affected water over time, and humans need for water.

The life cycle of a bat —Sjonger, Rebecca.

Describes the life cycle of bats, including their predators, and how they fly.

Maker projects for kids who love paper engineering —Sjonger, Rebecca, author.

"This interesting title unfolds the art and science of paper engineering. Readers interested in crafting and designing patterns and structures will be inspired to create "Maker" projects using paper--a medium readily acc...

Birds of all kinds —Sjonger, Rebecca.

Describes the physical characteristics, behaviour, habitats, and life cycles of birds, and discusses different kinds of birds.

A savanna habitat —Kalman, Bobbie.

Describes the African savanna including the animals and plants living there.

Geotechnical engineering and Earth's materials and processes —Sjonger, Rebecca, author.

"Every structure that touches the ground could benefit from the skills of a geotechnical engineer. Readers will discover how these engineers study rocks, soil, natural processes, and potential hazards to help make the sa...

Testing materials in my makerspace —Sjonger, Rebecca, author.

"Children will enjoy this intriguing book, which uses the principles of Makerspace to introduce them to how the properties of materials make them best suited for different purposes. Simple text describes how the properti...

Hop, throw, and play : build your skills every day! —Sjonger, Rebecca, 1975- author.

Encourages young readers to be physically active for at least sixty minutes a day.

Joining materials in my makerspace —Sjonger, Rebecca, author.

"Children will enjoy this interesting book, which uses the principles of Makerspace to introduce them to how materials can be joined together to create one object with many individual pieces. Simple text describes how ob...

Explore les Territoires du Nord-Ouest! —Sjonger, Rebecca, auteur.

"Partez en excursion dans les Territoires du Nord-Ouest, visitez les grandes villes et sortez des sentiers battus pour explorer les habitants, l'environnement, la gastronomie, les cultures et l'histoire de chaque région...

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