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The life cycle of a bird —Kalman, Bobbie.

Describes how birds develop from eggs to nestlings to adults, explains differences between bird species, and tells why some are endangered and what individuals can do to help protect them.

The life cycle of a frog —Kalman, Bobbie.

Describes how frogs develop from eggs to tadpoles to froglets to adult frogs.

What is an arthropod? —Smithyman, Kathryn, 1961-

Introduces arthropods, a group of invertebrates which outnumbers all other animal species combined, describing some different types and discussing their physical characteristics, behaviors, and habitats.

Nations of the Western Great Lakes —Smithyman, Kathryn, 1961-

This book introduces children to the traditional lifestyles of Native nations who lived in the western Great Lakes region, as well as the impact of colonization on Native peoples.

Trains on the tracks —Smithyman, Kathryn, 1961-

A book about trains filled with simple facts and colorful photographs.

The ocean biome —Smithyman, Kathryn, 1961-

Examines the four zones of the marine biome, their plants and animals, coral reefs and estuaries, the importance of the oceans to the Earth, and how they are in danger.

The life cycle of a tree —Kalman, Bobbie.

Text and photographs describe basic facts about trees, their function in a forest, and how they benefit animals, people, and the environment.

Active kids —Smithyman, Kathryn, 1961-

Provides directions for easy-to-do activities to increase strength, endurance, and flexibility while having fun.

Metamorphosis : changing bodies —Kalman, Bobbie.

Discusses metamorphosis, describing how various animals change from one form to another as they grow.

What is a forest? —Kalman, Bobbie.

Describes the various types of forests, elements that make up a forest ecosystem, the wide range of plant and animal species that live in different forests, and the importance of forests to the rest of the Earth.

Les trains —Smithyman, Kathryn, 1961-

From engine to caboose--kids love everything about trains. Trains on the Tracks uses vibrant images and simple text to explain the train basics, including types of trains and how people use trains.

Nations of the Northwest Coast —Smithyman, Kathryn, 1961-
Restricted EAudiobook (NNELS)

Explores how the waters, mountains, and forests of the Pacific Northwest have provided food and shelter for groups such as the Tlingit, the Haida, and the Kwakiutl for thousands of years.