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Frenemy nations : love and hate between neighbo(u)ring states —Soderstrom, Mary, 1942- author.

"How can neighbours that are geographically side by side be worlds apart politically, culturally, ideologically, and economically? In Frenemy Nations, Mary Soderstrom presents a unique perspective on the strife caused by...

Concrete : from ancient origins to a problematic future —Soderstrom, Mary, 1942- author.

"It's all around us, as ubiquitous as air--concrete. Soderstrom traces the history and impact of this world-changing material. Imagine what the world would be like without concrete: there'd be no high-rises, no grand irr...

Road through time : the story of humanity on the move —Soderstrom, Mary, 1942- author.

"In this thoroughly researched and beautifully written history of roads as vectors of change, Mary Soderstrom documents how routes of migration and transport have transformed both humanity and our planet. Accessible and ...