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Captain Jenny & the sea of wonders —Thornton, Duncan, 1962-

"The acclaimed author of 'Kalifax' presents another sea adventure complete with fantastical creatures, natural wonders and a truly infectious spirit" Cf. Our choice, 2003.

Kalifax —Thornton, Duncan.

Come with Tom, the brave captain, and the fearless crew of the Volantix as they sail for the roof of the world, fighting snow-goblins and ice trolls. Will Grandfather Frost come to their rescue? Will the legend of the as...

Shadow-town —Thornton, Duncan.

The Whisperers have reclaimed the paths of the Tanglewood and even dare to trespass the farmlands, softly luring their victims into the torment of half-death and endless toil.

The Star-glass —Thornton, Duncan.

Tom, Jenny, and Gimlet set off to seek the safety of an Unknown Land, but something deadly is hunting Tom, drawn by the power of his Star-Glass.