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Hypnotized —Trembath, Don, 1963-

Rufus and his sister's relationship changes after he attempts to hypnotize her.

The popsicle journal —Trembath, Don, 1963-

Harper Winslow has a job--a real job at the town's weekly newspaper. A newspaper job is a dream come true for Harper, who, since his days at The Tuesday Cafe, has worked hard at becoming a writer. But could anything he h...

The big show —Trembath, Don, 1963-

Sidney's mother wants him to get his act together before he turns thirteen in two weeks. He decides to show her he has not been wasting his life. Jeffrey is still trying to prove, mainly to his mother, that he's not a wi...

Emville confidential —Trembath, Don, 1963-

Baron dreams of being tough and sexy like his favourite detectives and he soon might get the chance after someone shows up at his detective agency.

One missing finger —Trembath, Don, 1963-
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Three boys struggle through a series of small-town adventures. Charlie meets "an older woman" after his dog tears a finger off her glove; Sydney falls for his karate sparring partner, Joey, whose mother has forbidden the...