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Press here —Tullet, Hervé.

Instructs the reader on how to interact with the illustrations to create imaginative images.

Mix it up! —Tullet, Hervé, author, illustrator.

Using no special effects other than the reader's imagination, simple directions lead the reader to experiment with mixing and changing colours on the printed page.

Say zoop! —Tullet, Hervé, author, illustrator.

Minimal text and simple directions, and the reader's imagination lead the reader to experiment with different types of sound in this interactive book.

I have an idea! —Tullet, Hervé, author, illustrator.

The author meditates on the search for an idea, and the wonderful feeling when the right idea comes along, unleashing the creative process.

Let's play! —Tullet, Hervé, author, illustrator.

A lively yellow dot leads the reader through a journey through color, shape, and a child's imagination.

Press here —Tullet, Hervé, author.

Now even the smallest hands can get in on all the hands-on fun of Hervé Tullet's bestselling Press Here. The longest-running picture book on the New York Times bestseller list, this interactive children's classic is now...

Help! we need a title! —Tullet, Hervé.

Take a peek inside this book and you'll find some characters (though they're still a bit sketchy). They'll be perplexed to see you, so they'll quickly try to track down their author (who has a lot more work to do). What ...

The game of lines —Tullet, Hervé.

A brightly colored graphic game that introduces little ones to the wonderful world of lines. There are dozens of combinations to be made in this mix and match book.

Good morning game —Tullet, Hervé.

"To play with this book, all you need is your finger. Take a pen, draw two eyes and a mouth, and there you are-- your very own finger worm! Follow finger worm through the day from waking up and having breakfast, to getti...

The finger circus game —Tullet, Hervé.

"Roll-up, roll-up, welcome to the circus! To play with me, you just need your fingers. Take a pen, draw two eyes and a mouth, and there you are - your very own finger worm circus!" -- P. [4] of cover.

The trail game —Tullet, Hervé.

"Are you ready? Place your finger on 'start' and then follow the trail with the tip of your finger. You have to turn the pages and find the matching shapes in order to follow the right trail and get to the end. Off you g...

The game in the dark —Tullet, Hervé, author.

In the dark, a rocket is taken on a journey to the moon.

I am blop! —Tullet, Hervé.

Children will discover the wonderful world of blops, a fun pictorial exploration of variations on a simple shape.

The game of mirrors —Tullet, Hervé.

A mirror book for children to discover reflection.

Countryside game —Tullet, Hervé.

A visual walk through the countryside without any text, told with a turn of the page. Readers can tell the story aloud as they "walk" through the book.

The game of tops and tails —Tullet, Hervé.

A mix and match book that offers different top and bottom combinations.

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