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Literary Form
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A tree is nice —Udry, Janice May.

Briefly describes the value of a tree.

Thump and Plunk —Udry, Janice May.

When Thump thumps Plunk's doll Plunkit, an argument starts which their mother resolves.

The moon jumpers —Udry, Janice May.

Four children play in the moonlight before bedtime on a soft summer night.

Let's be enemies —Udry, Janice May.

John is unhappy because his friend is too bossy and he went to James' house to tell him so but by the time John had delivered his message, you could hardly tell an enemy from a friend -- and a very good friend at that!

我最討厭你 Wo zui tao yan ni le —Udry, Janice May.

John is angry at his bossy friend James and decides to tell him so.

What Mary Jo Shared —Udry, Janice May.

Mary Jo is a very shy little girl. When it comes time to share something in class she has nothing to share. She comes up with several ideas of what to share, but at the last minute says she has nothing to share. In the e...